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Ministry telephone number: 219-501-0588

Our mission is to penetrate regions through the Arts and Community Development. Above Only Music Group NFP, founded by Apostle Jacques Cook, was designed to help aspiring artists learn about the industry. Our organization helps them to pursue their careers while encouraging them to take their skill sets and futures seriously. We partner with numerous ministries and organizations in the Midwest by impacting communities through outlets such as Evangelism, Outreach, Intercession, Free Concerts and more. Our utilization of these venues brings transformation in those regions one person at a time. We desire to continue the good news in thought, deed, and action to help save lives and reform communities through Christ. Why? We are in an era of technology and things are ever-changing. We desire for children to know that they are not limited to sports and entertainment. We want to allow them to explore the arts and become comfortable with their gifting. We are advocates for cultivation and maturation through continual learning and teachings to equip them for their future. Realistically one positive moment can catapult them into greatness. We don’t want any of our children selling themselves short for nothing. They’re often used to make industry educated scavengers rich therefore we are agents of positive and effective change.